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This Taiwanese Golden Retriever Followed His Human On A Pilgrimage To “The End Of The World”

Beginning from Taiwan, a very good golden retriever followed his human on a 315 kilometer pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and received a certification with his name, Money.

Beginning from Taiwan, a very good golden retriever followed his human on a 315 kilometer pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, in Spain and received a very special certificate for completing the journey.

Money, who is now four years old, has spent his whole life with his human, Burger Han, who used to take him to work with him everyday in his hoodie.

taiwan golden retriever pilgrimage
Burger Han

After climbing to Everest Basecamp, a turning point for Money’s human, he decided he wanted to see the world together with Money.

“To me, since I started my company, this dog has always been by my side. We actually really get each other, with a glance, or anything,” Han told Almost. “He has always been following me. Even when his body couldn’t bear it, he would always explore with me so that’s when I felt that I should take him to see the world.”

money burger han taiwan dog camino de santiago
Burger Han

The two recently completed the Camino de Santiago, a network of pilgrimages leading to the shrine of Saint James in northwestern Spain.

These routes are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of their historical significance.

Money and Han started the pilgrimage from the Spanish city of León and completed the 315 kilometer journey together on foot.

taiwan golden retriever camino de santiago spain certificate
Burger Han

“We all find our ways through the lessons learned on Camino de Santiago,” Han said. “Money and I did not talk a lot, but we were deeply connected. We couldn’t be without each other.”

Traveling with a dog abroad can be challenging, Han said, adding that he had to plan Han everything from vaccinations, boosters and blood tests, all the way to pet-friendly transportation and accommodation.

After reaching the end of the route at Santiago de Compostela, Money and Han continued their journey to the “End of the World,” a unique route from Santiago to Cape Finisterre, off the Atlantic coast of Galicia in Spain.

money golden retriever taiwan camino de santiago
Burger Han

They took a photo standing at the top of the cliffs, right next to the “0 KM” marker at Cape Finisterrem like pilgrims did over the past 5,000 years.

He said never thought about going viral, but he is happy to see the positive reactions and messages they received.

“[Now], I always tell Money how many people are following us and to make sure to pose and smile before taking a photo.”

taiwan dog camino de santiago certificate
Burger Han

Han said he had given Money his name in the hopes of bringing him a fortune, but he had earned much more than that with their friendship.

Their undeniable bond allows them to communicate with just a glimpse or a gesture.

“He gets me. I understand him,” he said.

dog camino de santiago certificate taiwan golden retriever
Burger Han

And their journey is nowhere near finished.

The two have decided to continue traveling around Europe, all the way to Arctic Circle.

“We walk, we travel, and we live.” Han said while holding Money, as they both smiled.

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