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These Taiwanese People Dressed Up As Normal People In Everyday Situations And It’s Iconic

For the second year in a row, Taiwanese online shopping platform, Shopee, held a “down-to-earth” Halloween party, where attendees could only dress up as normal people in everyday situations, and the costumes are amazing.

The concept of a “down-to-earth” Halloween first originated from Japan but has since been adopted across parts of East Asia. Photos from the party have since gone viral on social media, with more than 36,000 likes and 11,000 shares on Facebook.

Here are some of the best photos from the party:

1. “The Woman Looking For A Seat At The Food Court”
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Shopee / Facebook

2. “The Guy Waiting For His Girlfriend By The Shopping Mall Bathroom”
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Shopee / Facebook

3. “The Influencers Who Spend Half Their Time At The Gym Posting Thirst Traps”
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Shopee / Facebook
4. The Woman Whose Hairdresser Disappeared Half Way Through Cutting Her Bangs”
123049662 1570676976451331 7406191363719141142 o
Shopee / Facebook
5. “The Starbucks Employee Forced To Smile Through An Exhausting Halloween”
FullSizeRender 2
Shopee / Facebook

6. “The Person Who Got Asked To ‘Help Fix This One Thing’ While They Were on Vacation”
123264809 1570645243121171 8771105034852227959 o
Shopee / Facebook

7. “The Person Who’s Still Playing ‘Animal Crossing’”
123296899 1570645119787850 8028834949573260400 o
Shopee / Facebook

8. “The Person Who Forgot To Zip Up Their Bag”
123257170 1570645096454519 490404080741785503 o
Shopee / Facebook

9. “A Driver’s License”
122881217 1570962223089473 951035305790555587 o
Shopee / Facebook
10. “The Hot Girl Who Got Wasted At The Club”
123266784 1570655273120168 212281278477183925 o
Shopee / Facebook

11. “The Person Under The Infrared Camera”
122962758 1570663103119385 52377787415471628 o
Shopee / Facebook
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