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This Taiwanese Guy Invented A Stroller For His Pet Fish So He Can Take Them Out On Walks With Him

Meet Jerry Huang, a man in Taichung, Taiwan, who has invented a stroller for his pet fish so that they can go on walks with him and explore the world.

The mobile aquarium is made of acrylic and placed on a stroller.

It has a battery-powered filtration and oxygen system, as well as LED lights for trips in the dark.

Huang created the invention to give fish a glimpse of the outside world.

“It started with walking cats and dogs. Now there’s parrots and some people are walking their snakes, walking their lizards, and I’ve seen people, walk their spiders,” Huang told AFP. “What about the animals swimming in the water? Is there an opportunity to let them explore the world on the ground?”

“We all want to explore different worlds that we can’t exist in, like even taking rockets to space. So if I were a goldfish, and someone invented something for me to explore another world, I’d be over the moon,” Huang said.

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