These Japanese Artists Created An Interactive Floating Garden Installation And It Looks Beautiful

teamLab, a Japanese creative group, has created an incredible interactive flower garden in Tokyo and it looks amazing.

Japanese creative group teamLab has been widely renowned for creating incredible interactive spaces, with visitors flying from all over the world to experience the team’s creations.

This time, teamLab has opened “Garden Area”, an exhibition which includes a three-dimensional floating flower garden and ovoids displayed in a moss garden.

“When you enter this space, the first thing you’ll see is a wall of flowers and you’ll feel like you can’t go in. But when you stand in front of them, the garden will begin to unveil itself to visitors,” Takashi Kudo, a group member, said.

While the floating flower garden is inspired by zen gardens and the idea of people immersing themselves in flowers and becoming one with the garden, the moss garden is an interactive digital installation where the content of the work changes depending on the time of day – after sunset, the artwork will glow.