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This Thai Navy Sailor Swam Out To A Burning Ship To Rescue Four Kittens That Had Been Left Behind

Four cats stranded on a capsized ship were carried on the back of a sailor of the Thai Navy and returned back to safety.

The Thai navy has rescued four ginger kittens from a burning fishing vessel in the Andaman Sea.

The human crew aboard had already been rescued by a passing fishing ship when they jumped into the sea from their vessel, which caught fire and started to sink about 13 kilometers (eight miles) off Koh Adang island.

The navy discovered there were four forgotten felines on board when they were sent back to the site to check for oil spills.

Four kittens stranded on a burning ship are found and rescued by the Royal Thai Navy.
Royal Thai Navy / Facebook

The First-Class Petty Officer Wichit Pukdeelon said he “used [his] camera to zoom in to the boat” and found the cats huddled together on a wooden beam, according to the BBC.

Tasspon Sa-ei, a sailor, then swam out to the capsized vessel and carried the cats on his back to bring them back to safety.

A sailor from the Thai navy rescues kittens that were left behind on burning ship.
Royal Thai Navy / Facebook

Photos of the rescue were shared on social media and went viral, with people praising the navy.

The navy said the four cats are being taken care of and recovering at their command post, Reuters reported.

The Royal Thai Navy rescues four kittens that were stranded on a capsized vessel.
Royal Thai Navy / Facebook

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the sinking, Coconuts reported.

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