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Turkey’s President Was Going To Cut The Ribbon At An Opening Event But This Little Girl Beat Him To It

A little girl has beaten Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to cutting the ribbon during an opening ceremony for a public park inAnkara, the country’s capital, on Thursday Oct. 28. 

While Erdogan was chatting to another official, the girl standing in front of him reached up and cut the ribbon using her scissors.

Official then quickly restrung up the ribbon, and Erdogan was seen attempting to stop the child from cutting it more than once at the opening of the new Ankara People’s Park. 

Other officials also joined in to contain the impatient and restless child by lifting the ribbon higher and out of her reach.

At the end, while the president was giving a speech, the little girl somehow still managed to cut the ribbon earlier than him and everyone else at the event, and the opening ceremony proceedings continued despite Erdogan not being the one to cut the ribbon.

Earlier last month, a young boy also stole Erdogan’s limelight in public by cutting the ribbon at the opening of a highway tunnel in the Black Sea province of Rize. 

To the boy’s surprise, Erdogan tapped on his head with his knuckles as the boy held on to the severed ribbon. 

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