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This Emirati Woman Has Become One Of The First Car Mechanics In The UAE

Meet Huda al-Matroushi, the owner of a car repair shop in the United Arab Emirates who is breaking gender stereotypes.

The 36-year-old has made a name in a business long dominated by men in the Gulf country.

“When it comes to this situation, I enjoy it a lot. Because I’m on top of my job, and it’s my business, I belong to it, so I feel proud of myself,” she said as she showed off her dirty gloves with a bright smile.

While her family had been concerned over her career choice, she persevered and convinced them to trust her abilities. Now, following her childhood dreams, she has turned her dream and passion to reality.

“I like cars and their models and their details. I like sports cars, I like luxurious cars, even normal non-luxurious cars, I love them all,” al-Matroushi told Reuters.

One of her colleagues, Mohammed Halawani, expressed the strange feeling he got when he saw his boss was a woman, but soon found out she had the knowledge and skills required.

“It was very strange that a girl is responsible for the garage,” he said. “But after I joined and we started working and she’d tell me disassemble this, assemble that, [it was clear] that she has experience.”

Al-Matroushi now hopes she can transform her single garage into a big repair centre or, even better, open more chains across the UAE.

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