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Women On The Dutch “The Voice” Said They Were Sexually Harassed And Started A #MeToo Movement

The Netherlands is facing its first major #MeToo reckoning after several women on the Dutch version of the popular talent show “The Voice” said they had been sexually harassed.
In January, BOOS, a YouTube program from public broadcaster BNNVARA, first reported the allegations of sexual misconduct against employees from “The Voice of Holland.”
voice of holland metoo sexual conduct
The anonymous victims shared details about sexual assaults and routine misconduct on the show involving three employees.
voice of holland metoo sexual conduct
Following the news, broadcaster RTL swiftly announced on Jan. 15 that it was suspending the show indefinitely while the allegations were investigated.
voice of holland metoo sexual conduct
The show’s band leader, Jeroen Rietbergen, then publicly admitted to “relationships of a sexual nature” with women on the show and resigned.
voice of holland metoo sexual conduct
Rietbergen had been in a relationship with the sister of the show’s creator, and his statement indicated that the show creators and his partner had been aware of his sexual misconduct for some time, according to RTL News.
voice of holland metoo sexual conduct
Police say they have also received two complaints of sexual misconduct against rapper and longtime show coach, Ali B. His lawyer and management have denied the allegations, according to Reuters.
voice of holland metoo sexual conduct

An unnamed director has also denied allegations against him to a local outlet.

The cases have led to an increase in women reporting sexual violence in the Netherlands.
voice of holland metoo sexual conduct

Mores, an organization that helps victims of sexual misconduct, told the New York Times it had received more registrations in three days than in all of 2021.

“That says something about the enormous wave that has been unleashed,” a Mores spokesperson said.

On Jan. 29, hundreds of people gathered in Museumplein in Amsterdam to raise awareness of sexual violence.
voice of holland metoo sexual conduct

“I think everybody is very shocked and it’s good that it is investigated,” the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte said, according to the Dutch daily De Telegraaf.

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