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Here’s What Happened Around The World In April 2022

As we head into May, here is a look back at some of the top stories that happened around the world in April, from Sri Lanka’s historic protests against the economic crisis to the Bucha massacre in Ukraine.
1. Russian troops allegedly massacred unarmed civilians in Ukraine’s Bucha leaving dead bodies on the street.
2. People in Sri Lanka are holding mass protests demanding the president resign over a huge economic crisis.
3. Over 150 Palestinian worshippers have been injured after Israeli police stormed a mosque during Ramadan.
4. In a landmark ruling, South Korea has overturned the jail sentences of two gay soldiers who had sex.
5. Slovenia has elected this liberal environmentalist as its new prime minister over a pro-Trump populist.
6. This Japanese woman MP proposed a bill to protect teen girls from porn exploitation but was laughed at.
7. After six years, Indonesia has finally passed a landmark bill to eliminate sexual violence.
8. This Thai activist rapper ate mango sticky rice during her Coachella performance and it was iconic.
9. This missing Mexican teen has been found dead in a motel water tank and people want justice.
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