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Here’s What Happened Around The World In July 2022

As we head into the month of August, here’s a look back at some of the biggest stories that happened in July.
1. Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe has died after he was shot in the chest while giving a speech.
2. A giant walrus named Freya has been touring the shores of Norway, laying around and sinking boats.
3. Boris Johnson is finally resigning as UK prime minister after 50 ministers quit to protest his leadership.
4. Wildfires are tearing through Europe as an intense heatwave scorches the continent.
5. Pope Francis went to Canada and apologized to indigenous people for schools that assimilated them.
6. This 21-year-old Salvadoran woman has been jailed for 50 years for having a miscarriage.
7. Penguins at this Japanese aquarium are refusing to eat a cheaper type of fish and it’s so funny.
8. After this indigenous woman’s work, the aboriginal flag will fly on the Sydney Harbour Bridge year-round.
9. After months of protests, Sri Lankan protesters stormed the president’s home, forcing him to resign.
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