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Here’s What Happened Around The World In May 2022

From Australia voting out its conservative government and the first Black male Doctor Who to Ukraine’s hero dog and the Xinjiang police files leak, here’s what happened around the world in May 2022.
1. Australia voted out its conservative government and elected a leftist prime minister, a first in a decade.
2. The Taliban has ordered women in Afghanistan to cover themselves up from head-to-toe when in public.
3. A massive leak of Chinese police files has exposed China’s abuse of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.
4. This hero Ukrainian dog has been awarded a medal for sniffing out more than 236 Russian bombs.
5. This Kenyan nurse fighting against FGM and child marriage has been named the world’s best nurse.
6. Spain has passed a “only yes means yes” bill that clearly defines rape as sex without consent.
7. This Palestinian-American journalist was shot and killed while covering an Israeli raid in the West Bank.
8. The actor who plays Eric on “Sex Education” will be the first black doctor on “Doctor Who”.
9. The son of a former Philippines’ dictator has claimed a landslide victory as the new president.
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